Use Your Phone As A High Capacity MP3 Google Music

After the success of my previous high capacity MP3 player posts here I am going to show you a way to store up to 50,000 songs.


Each song can equal up to 300mb which is huge as most normal length songs will be below 10mb so this should be great for podcasts and split audio books. Format wise this service is very versatile allowing for MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, ALAC and OGG which should cover most music that you will download today. The lossless formats listed although when uploaded in high bitrate the stream quality will only be up to 320 kbps which is quite reasonable for a free service.

Google Play music can be listened to using the web page shown in the image or using the Android or iOS apps both for free then streamed to speakers or even chrome cast, the apps work just like a normal audio player app except the music isn’t stored locally (it can be cached though). Within the settings you can chose the quality of audio to stream when connected to a mobile network to stop it eating up your allowance.


Uploading your music is simple using the music manager available here which will automatically upload music from chosen folders or drives like a MP3 player, if you add music to the folders it will be uploaded also if you have the software running.

If you’re interested in Google Play Music you can sign up here with a Gmail account for free, a credit or debit card is required to make sure you cant make multiple accounts though you wont be charged.