PhoneDrone Ethos Turns Your Phone Into A Drone

There is a brand new kid on the low cost drone market called the PhoneDrone Ethos which uses a slightly different technique compared to its competitors to keep the costs low.

The biggest difference between this and regular drones is that it is designed to carry a smartphone which is used as the brains of the drone allowing for routes to be set as well as it to be set to follow another smartphone or be controlled the other smartphone.  According to their Kickstarter page this will be compatible with iPhone as well as a range of Android smartphones priced as low as $50 meaning less of a worry if you are prone to crashing. The device still includes its own brains just in case the phone or app crashes software wise which will keep it safe in the air removing some extra worry. The device will have a built in battery as well as four motors and props and although not stated on the page this will surely have an antenna to extend the phones connectivity. The built in battery is rechargeable via USB which is great if you use USB battery packs. Video can be streamed from the drone using the smartphones camera when controlling the drone one of the included accessories is a mirror that allows for you to view whats in front of the drone and not just below it which is a nice addition, an Oppo N1 would be a great phone for this reason.

The Kickstarter pricing of this device will be at $195 in black or white without the smartphone obviously, that’s $105 cheaper than the final retail price. If your a 3d printing enthusiasts you can back for $95 if you’re willing to print some of the parts like the frame the non 3d printable parts are included like the motherboard, props and battery. If you miss out on the $195 option you can also back this project at $235 for the same package in both black and white. To back the PhoneDrone Ethos or for more information please visit this page.

Since the kickstarter project the price of Smartphone drones has fallen significantly, you can grab one for less that $40 now on Amazon!  Check them out here!