Micro-Flip Brings Reversible Micro USB To Phones

For many years smartphone users have been frustrated by the inability to ever put a micro USB B type cable the correct way into phones and tablets. A new kickstarter campaign from the american startup Codistas has been started now aiming to stop this annoyance with a great new engineering solution for a reversible micro USB. In the future mobile phones will be using micro USB C type which will be completely reversible just like the lightening connector of new iPhones and iPads.
Micro-Flip is the name of this great new creation, as you will be able to see from the diagram above the new connector is completely reversible meaning a lot less hassle. Another annoying feature of some USB cables is the wear on the cable near the connectors sometimes resulting in damage and exposure of the cables inside, this should be less common with this cable thanks to its durable braided nylon cord. There is one colour available with a white version coming soon.

The kickstarter project was very successful and you can now pick up one of these new adapters from Amazon here.