Kinps 13000mAh Portable Charger Review

I was recently contacted by an Amazon marketplace seller that I bought from previously asking whether I would like to test and keep a product they had just started selling for just the price of shipping, that product was a Kinps 13000mAh USB charger. I will be reviewing this product as if I bought it so this review will be impartial.  In the box was the charger itself wrapped in plastic wrap to protect it from scratches as well as a male micro USB to male USB cable which can be used to charge the battery pack and also a lot of Android and Windows smartphones.


The Kinps 13000mAh comes with three charge ports capable of intelligently selecting the charge current based on your device to give the maximum charge rate possible. Other than the three USB ports there are four charge lights that show the charge status, when all are lit it shows that the pack is fully charged and when they show as red it shows that there is low battery. Other than that there is a power button that when pushed charges your phones or tablets, a long push of around two seconds will turn the charger off.

Charge Current Testing

The first test that I carried out was to use an Android app to monitor the average charging current compared against a 40W Anker wall charger.

Anker Wall Charger = 1150mA

Kinps charger = 1140mA

After these tests it is clear to me that even though the charge rates fluctuated the wall charger only delivered a tiny bit extra charge current which is not enough for any noticeable difference unless tested side to side over a few hours.


Good fast charge rate

Three smart USB charge ports

Clear charge status

Low cost High capacity

Very strong build


Horrible Shiny Plastic that attracts scratches and fingerprints.

The device is slightly slippery thanks to the plastic.


This is a well built device if you ignore the shiny plastic finish, the device feels sturdy in the hand and has a feel of quality in the weight. Charging USB devices from it is very intuitive and the rate is very fast. Overall taking all pros and cons into account I would happily recommend this product if you are prepared to get it scratched up within days.

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