Increase Your Storage With a 128GB Micro SD

Micro SD cards has come a long way over the years from 2006 where Sandisk made the first micro SD card with just a few gigabytes of storage not megabytes which cost a whopping $99 for just 2GB, as time has gone on cards have become larger and larger now with 128GB and 256GB cards widely available and even larger cards in the pipeline.

If you’re considering upgrading to a 128GB card its important to note that your device might not be able to handle all the capacity so its a good idea to check the manufactures website or ask around on forums or Reddit.

Right now there a 3 main competitors on the market in the 128GB micro SD market.


The Lexar Micro SD is firstly the fastest at 95 MBps the high speed comes at a slight cost thought. This card comes in at around $120 / £80 which is more than the other 2 cards here.  You might want to consider whether you need that extra speed if you’re using the micro SD card in a camera the speed difference may help you out in speeding up the time between taking photos but on a MP3 player the speed wont effect you very much so the extra price might not be worth it for you.


Sandisk has been a leader in Flash memory for many years now there cards popular worldwide with photographers and computer users because of quality and reliability. This 128GB micro SD card is likely to be the cheapest you will find on the market today coming in at around $95 / £70 but will go down in price over time as it becomes cheaper to manufacture. This card has a speed of 48 MBps around half the speed of the Lexar but this isn’t as bigger deal as you may think as both cards are very fast.


The third card here is made by Samsung and is available at very similar in price and reliability to the Sandisk and is definitely worth a buy if the price is right.