High Capacity MP3 Doesnt Have To Be Expensive Fiio M3 + 200Gb MicroSD

High Capacity MP3 Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive Fiio M3

Some of my most popular posts here have been on high capacity mp3 players with large storage as a replacement for many peoples go to high capacity mp3 player the iPod Classic which was discontinued in 2014. A lot of the alternatives that I have looked at have been quite expensive options which for most may not be an option but here I will show another much cheaper way to cram tens of thousands of songs into your pocket.


Released late last year by one of the most popular manufacturers of mid to high end audio players and portable DAC/AMPs the Fiio M3 is a cheap entry level MP3 player. What sets this MP3 player out from the pack is the brand name as well as the price and a very important feature critical to making this a high capacity mp3 player a MicroSD card slot unofficially supporting up to 200Gb capacity cards. The Fiio M3 costs around ??50 in the UK and slightly less in the US at $55 (??39) which is reasonably cheap for a MP3 player supporting larger cards from a large well known manufacturer. It supports FLAC audio files meaning high resolution audio can be played though if you are serious about high quality audio you should check out the Fiio X1 or X5ii.

There is only one Micro SD card currently at the time of writing with a capacity of 200Gb made by the market leader SanDisk which is fast and a safe investment for a music lover. This card is likely to set you back around £70 in the UK or $79 in the US which although more money than the player itself still quite cheap compared to other options for high capacity MP3. Other than this 200Gb card you can pick up 128Gb cards for a lot cheaper at around £40/$50 in both the US and UK which depending on your music collection size and budget may be a better option for you.

If you want a high capacity MP3 player this will definitely be a good choice if youre on a budget if you can spare a bit more cash I would recommend looking at Fiios higher end players or those from Sony like the A10/A20 series of players which will play audio at a better quality. For more posts like this check out my other posts and bookmark my homepage