Fiio X5 2nd gen Ultra High Capacity Audio Player

With digital music collections growing there is an ever growing demand for an ultra high capacity MP3 Player Fiio has released a new version of its Fiio x5 audio player out called the Fiio X5 2nd gen.


Shown above the second generation Fiio X5 is a strong rugged device built with a sturdy metal body which isnt the cheapest of audio players but is reasonably cheap for what it is. Fiio is well known for its audio players which have impressive audio quality for the price, the X5 was very popular for its support for two micro sd cards allowing for up to 256gb of storage. With new??SanDisk 200gb micro sd cards now available the player will have a maximum of a 400gb capacity big enough for nearly everyone and perfect for audiophiles. This high capacity audio player doesnt actually come with any built in storage instead relying on two??micro sd card slots which is a massive upside.

Compared to the original Fiio X5 this player is 15% lighter and 12% smaller making it a much easier device to carry in your pocket. This ultra high capacity audio player comes with a huge 3300mAh battery much bigger than most phones perfect if you listen to music a lot, this battery life allows for a standby time of four weeks with the instant on feature meaning no startup time. Other changes include a slight change in design as well as the ability to use controls built into headphone cables.

The pricing points of the??Fiio X5 2nd gen Ultra High Capacity Audio Player are 290GBP and $350 which isn’t cheap for most people but if you need high capacity this may be the media player for you.