Best High Capacity MP3 For 2017 200GB Plus

Best High Capacity MP3 For 2017

After the popularity of my first post on high capacity this is an up to date look at the best high capacity MP3 For 2017 featuring various price points. The latest memory card technology advances bringing 200gb cards this makes high capacity MP3 players more and more accessible at a lower price which is well-timed a few years after Apple stopped selling the iPod Classic. Each of these MP3 Players will require a card to get this high capacity some have been officially confirmed as supporting 200gb cards but all from my research are confirmed by users as accepting 200gb.

Fiio X5ii Up To 400gb


This is the second generation of the popular Fiio X5 which features two separate micro SD card slots meaning the possibility of expanding to a huge 400gb which should be plenty for most users. This high capacity should be pretty future proof for FLAC and other lossless files which have a larger??file size. The X2 is quite expensive but the build quality and potential storage capacity make this a safe bet with the possibility of higher storage support in the future when 256gb cards are released.

Sony A25?? Up To 216gb


The SonyA25 is the followup to the popular A15 which allows for a 200gb micro sd card, if you want even more storage you could upgrade to the A26 or A16 which come with 64gb built in alongside the micro sd expansion. This range of players is capable of high quality audio playback making it perfect for audiophiles.

Oppo F1 Up To 216gb


This is not actually built to be a dedicated MP3 player but instead it is the latest phone by the smartphone maker Oppo which is capable of accepting 200gb micro sd. For some a mp3 player on a phone is a bit like a camera the best one is the one you have on you which is an important point as this may be the only device you need carry, compared to carrying a phone and a Fiio X5 this is a lot lighter.

FiiO X7 Up To 200gb


The Fiio X7 is a bulky touchscreen device based on the operating system Android so you will be able to run apps like Poweramp and Jetaudio for better customization of your audio.