Amazon Announces £50 / $50 Fire Tablet

After many rumors of a cheaper version of the Kindle Fire Amazon has announced its brand new £50 / $50 Fire Tablet set for release later this month including special offers.

Amazon Announces £50 / $50 Fire Tablet


Although not very powerful this tablet does pack quite a lot of power for its price with a 1.3GHz quad core processor and 1gb of RAM. The built in storage will likely not be enough for most users but can be upgraded by up to 128gb with a Micro SD card which makes this device much more useful. The lower price point compared to other models means the loss of the dual Dolby speakers with just a standard mono speaker built in. This isnt going to be a contender for best camera device with just a 2mp rear facing and a VGA front facing camera but they will do the job for apps which use them like Twitter.

Release Date And Pricing

This will be available around the world from your local amazon website for £49.99/$49.99/€59.99 with special offers from the 30th of September or September 30th in America if you cant write the date right. Pricing wise at current exchange rates the device in Euro countries will cost equivalent to $68 and in the UK will be even higher at $77 which is a surprising price gap for such a cheap device a huge %50 extra. Amazon is also giving the option to buy six tablets for the price of five with code FIRE6PACK which should be great for schools looking for cheap and simple internet connectivity.


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